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      Shandong Provincial Water Resources Research Institute was established in 1957, under the Jurisdiction of the Water Resources Department of Shandong Province. Itis a social public welfare institution for scientific research a-nd takes application and development study as the main research program. There are 214 cadres and workers at their post, in which 186 are the technical personnel in specific fields. There are 92 senior engineers (in which 10 with professor level) and 83 engineers. There are 18 experts who enjoy special national allowance from the State Council, 8 provincial skilled top-notch persons, 10 skilled top-notch persons from the Water Resources Department, 5 national advanced workers or advanced workers from Ministry of Water Resources or provincial model workers. In the institute, there are set up professional sections of Water Resources Section, Environmental Engineering Section, Water Engineering Research Section, Material and Structure Research Section, Geotechnical Engineering Research Section, Reconnaissance Design Research Section, Engineering Check Measurement Research Section, Foundation Check Measurement Research Section, Central Laboratory, Automatic Technique Research Section, Water Scientific-Technical Information Research Section. There are 6 enterprises under the Institute, they are, Shandong Geotechnical Engineering Company of Water Conservancy, Shandong Provincial Keyuan Engineering Construction Supervision Center, Shandong Provincial Keyuan Reconnaissance Design Consultative Center of Water Engineering and etc. The Institute is the technical support unit for Shandong Provincial Quality Check Measurement Center of Water Engineering, Shandong Provincial Water Scientific Technical Information Center (the technical retrieval unit at the ministrerial level), Shandong Provincial Water Saving Engineering Technical Center of Modern Agriculture, Shandong Expert Testimony Center of Water Engineering, Shandong Provincial Soil and Water Conservation Research Institute (with the first qualification of drawing up soil and water conservation plan for development and construction projects), Shandong Provincial Equipment Development Test Center for Water Saving Irrigation and Shandong Provincial Laboratory of Irrigation Center. In the Institute, its central task is to take the research and technical development for the key technique in the construction of water engineering and civil engineering. Its main business scopes are water resources reconnaissance and development, water environment, irrigation and sediment treatment for water diverting from the Yellow River, water saving irrigation, soil and water conservation, quality control and check measurement for engineering, hydraulic test, seepage control and reinforcement treatment of foundation engineering, leakage blockage of levee and underground opening, new hydraulic structure and material test, development of small machinery and automatic control equipment of water engineering. Since 1978, there are 94 achievements in scientific research gained provincial or ministrerial prizes, in which 11 of national prizes, 7 of the first advanced prizes of science and technology in Shandong Province. There are 7 achievements gained the national patents, and 16 monographs of science and technology published, more than 20 theses exchanged in international academic conferences. The Institute is the technical support unit for 5 national major spreading items of science and technology.


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